Saturday, June 23, 2012

How To Compare Car Loan Rates For Buying A New Car

New car loans are available in the market through the lenders at a comparatively cheaper rate of interest and are available in two different forms, namely, partly financing and fully financing. Obviously, partly financing requires paying a down payment of twenty five percent of the cost of the car while fully financing needs no down payment.

Before applying for a new car loan, it is good to do a thorough research on the type of car that the borrower has intended to buy. This would give a clear idea of the amount of loan that would be needed and also, the loan quotes of the different lenders. This is crucial since the quotes are mostly based on the current interest rates which vary according to the fluctuations of the market trends.

Also, the borrower should have a clear idea of the repayment method of the loan because new car loans offer the liberty of utilizing the loan amount to buy any car according to the buyer's wish but the borrower should not find it difficult while making repayments. Hence, it is better to choose a vehicle that is well within the budget and that suits the repayment schedule without much difficulty.

The amount of loan will primarily depend upon the cost of the vehicle that the borrower is planning to buy. Usually, the rate of interest for new car loans varies from 7.6 percent to 9.4 percent but the interest rate may climb up, if the credit rate of the borrower is not too good. In contrast, if the credit score and the current financial position of the borrower are satisfactory, then the borrower can even negotiate with the lender to lower the interest rates.

Generally, the repayment period for new car loans is from three to ten years. Acquiring new car loans from traditional lenders would take considerable period of time, say, two to three weeks at least and if a person is in a hurry to get a new car loan, this may not be a good option.

The best idea is to contact online money lenders who offer new car loans. Herein, the borrower has to just open the website of a reliable money lender and fill in the form provided. Guidance regarding reliable money lenders can be had from relatives or friends or colleagues and after choosing some of them, it is better to compare the various offers and finally narrow down to one lender.

Irrespective of the credit score of the borrower, new car loan is offered just by verifying certain documents and after submitting the form along with full details and address, the borrower has to wait for a few hours to get the money needed to buy a new car. So, new car loans can be had just by the click of the mouse.

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