Thursday, December 29, 2016

Exposing the Myths About Dreadlocks

I bear in mind the times when society use to look upon dreadlocs as if who ever had them was contaminated.

Many government jobs prohibited staff from carrying braids and locks. Banks had dress code rules that didn't permit anybody to have locs and work for his or her institutions.

There was a unfavourable notion attached to those who selected to loc it up. The old theory was that anyone carrying this hairdo was legal minded and was laborious pressed to search out employment. These attitudes made the job hunt for individuals with locs beyond tough.

This hair prejudice extended to, and was acted out blatantly by, the legislation enforcement. If a crime was dedicated and the alleged prison wore his hair in locs, anyone with locs was apprehended, questioned, and sometimes egregiously harassed.

It didn't matter if the remainder of the bodily description (top, weight, and complexion) did not match; having dreads was enough to be a suspect.

These prejudice perceptions was held strongly by many older individuals in the African American neighborhood. Elders in many communities would see individuals with dreads and frown. Some had no drawback vocalizing their disdain: ?I want he would minimize that nappy stuff off?, not necessarily in that good of manner. Or ?How do you count on for anyone to take you critically together with your hair like that??

Sadly, these thoughts subconsciously penetrated my being as effectively. I always stated that if I felt like my hair was holding me back, I might cut it.

What is encouraging, is the truth that I've worked all over this country, rubbed elbows with many of corporate America's shot callers, and have been shocked by the acceptance of my hair.

It actually served as an ice-breaking dialog piece for those who were curious. This allowed me to enlighten and share my pure hair journey with those that wasn't exposed to it that usually.

Now I see many actors, fashions, and public figures with locs. I've run into salesmen, managers, and lots of government staff who've embraced their hair and their careers. Dreadlocked bank tellers have handled my transactions in banks. I have even seen a couple law enforcement officials with locs.

Academics, nurses, doctors, and plenty of entertainers have let their dreadlocks function an artwork stage and a private form of expression.

Society's embracing of the dreadlock was inevitable. They just needed to be correctly introduced and enlightened on the sweetness and history of our hair.

As soon as they've discovered that not solely the Rastafarian or Jamaicans are the one individuals who use this form of expression, their curiosity increases.

I personally refuse to let any destructive connotations be hooked up to my stunning locs.

I don't like when my hair is referred to as dreads, dreadlocks, or dreaded up, because I do not ?dread? something about my hair. My ?Locs? are extended expressions of beauty from the essence of my soul and I love every strand of them.

Now folks of all backgrounds of life ask me often: ?How do I get dreadlocks?? And, I reply: First recognize that these will not be just a hair fashion?They are a life-style. Then just twist and let the Creator Style them!

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